About Perro y Arena by Socrates Medina

Perro y Arena is a ceramics project inspired by the flora and fauna of Baja California. Each clay piece is hand-built, painted, carved, and glazed making each piece one of a kind. 

Sócrates Marko Medina Ahearn is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles, CA and Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Art History from Cal Poly Pomona. He was born in Tijuana, B.C. Mex and raised in the bi cultural region of Tijuana-San Diego. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and works as a designer for an architecture firm. His work is very much influenced by his Greek and Mexican roots, the rich and beautiful flora and fauna of California and Baja California and by the diverse culture emerging from his home cities.

Photo by Gabriela C. Walther

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